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Division of Student Affairs

Your Coug Experience

Being a Coug is something special. A shared experience with a whole new kind of family. And whether you are a first year or a graduate student, an introvert or an extrovert, first gen or legacy, or participating online or in-person we know you can have an amazing Coug Experience. An experience you will remember forever and will provide support, skills and a mindset for success. 

Our Coug Experiences

We met during sorority recruitment. She was my ‘Rush Crush.’ We just hit it off really well. I was sad when she didn’t come back to my sorority, but then I walked into my math class on the first day of school and there was Chelsey! It was fate!

-Marivel (and Chelsey)

Students hugging
Student Smiling at the camera and leaning back comfortably.
The WSU African American Student Center is my hangout. It’s like a safe haven. And the CUB is my go-to place to connect with people and study. Like, during finals week, I would be here every single day, sometimes until 3 AM.

- Maximillian

I transferred to WSU Pullman and while I was walking through the CUB and I saw the Hong Kong Student Association. They were giving out free prizes, so I walked up to the table. Not only did I win a prize, I ended up talking to the students and later joining the club. I’ve gotten really close friends that I met through the association. When we table at the CUB, not only is it a fun way to promote HKSA, but I continue to meet more and more people.


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Student Smiling at Camera
I have found an interest in recreation, especially with intramurals. I love the environment, I love the people I work with and I love my supervisors.


I got involved in STAGE during my freshman year. It’s a really homey environment, and it makes me feel like I get to keep doing what I love to do while I’m figuring out my career.


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Student employee smiling at the camera
Maybe I’m not as involved in extra curriculars, but because I work on campus, I’m still involved. It’s a weird relationship there. I’m there for events, when the events are going on. I still have fun even though I’m working.

- Matt

I would have never been involved in student government (ASWSUTC) or on my campus if it were not for students reaching out to me and giving me opportunities to get involved.


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Student exiting accessible transportation van.
The university has an opportunity to send a message, not only to students with disabilities, but all students, that they matter.


I’ve learned that the top dogs on campus aren’t the only ones with a voice. By being myself and sticking to my values, my personality and leadership development has skyrocketed into a place of true service and happiness.


Student Smiling at Camera